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Fart Bomb Bags-72 PIECES

Fart Bomb Bags-72 PIECES

Plain and simple, these things are nasty! Perhaps one of the worst smelling stink gags ever pulled from a deranged mind. Think of them as stink bombs that have a self-release timer. You squish a small bubble of liquid inside of the fart bomb bag and it mixes with some mystery chemical that is imported directly from hell itself, or perhaps Barstow, we're not sure, anyway the stuff mixes together and actually pops the bag and out comes this evil smell... sulfur, brimstone, rotten eggs, all of the above. Pick up a dozen of these bags of evil today and be the life of the party! (Fart Bomb Bags a.k.a. Fart Bags, Fart Bombs, Stink Bags, Fart Juice Bags)

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Fart Bomb Bags-72 PIECES FART-BOMB-BAGS$14.95Quantity:
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