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Home > Pranks & Practical Jokes > Money Mischief > ATMitation Fake ATM Receipts

ATMitation Fake ATM Receipts

ATMitation Fake ATM Receipts

As seen in Money and Playboy magazines! Pick up women or men quickly at bars, dances, social events. After you write your number on this receipt (conveniently folded in your wallet), hand it to the member of opposite sex and watch how fast they call you! When she sees the SIZE of your bank balance, she'll be digging YOUR "gold" in no time! Even has the barcodes on back of the receipt for added authenticity!

    Other ATM-ITATIONS uses:
  • Perfect for "over-the-hill" bachelors!
  • High school/college students use to impress people!
  • Leave on the coffee table-impress your friends!
  • Write a message/phone number when negotiating with mortgage companies or a waiter at a fancy restaurant, Porsche dealerships!
  • Read it again and again, improve your self-esteem, sex life!

ATMitations TIDBITS: The bank logo is called Fidelity National Bank & Savings or FNBS, get it? Fin BS! Look closely at the ATM balance - it's $314,159.26, or the same digits used in PI! Each pack contains 24 fake receipts. (ATMitation Fake ATM Receipts a.k.a. Phony ATM Receipts) Item currently not available.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

ATMitation Fake ATM Receipts PULLMYFINGER-ATMITATION$4.49Quantity:
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